Local Awards

2015 Winner of the CLCA Landscape Awards Sweepstakes (Best Overall Landscape Project)

2014 Estate Residential Install 1st place

2014  Custom Residential Install 1st place

2014  Large Residential Install Achievement Award

2014 Medium Residential Install B Achievement Award

2014  Small Residential Install B 1st Place

2014   Small Design/Build Achievement Award

2012   1st Place Medium Residential

2012   Achievement Award | Large Design/Build

2010   1st Place Medium Residential

2010   Medium Residential Achievement Award

2009   1st Place Residential Estate

2009   1st place Residential Estate

2009   Medium Residential Achievement Award

2008   Large Residential Achievement Award

2008   Custom Residential Achievement Award

2008   Residential Estate Achievement Award

2008   1st Place Small Residential

2007   1st Place Large Residential

2007   Achievement Award Large Residential

2006   1st Place Small Renovation

2006   1st Place Small Residential

2006   1st Place Medium Residential

2006   Achievement Award Medium Residential

2005   1st Place Small Residential

2005   1st Place Large Residential

2005   Achievement Award Large Residential

2005   Achievement Award Custom Residential

2005   Achievement Award Small Residential

2004   1st Place Medium Residential

2001   1st Place Medium Residential

2001   Achievement Award Large Residential

2000   1st Place Medium Renovation

2000   1st Place Large Residential

2000   Achievement Award Medium Residential

1999    Achievement Award Small Residential

1998    1st Place Medium Residential

1998    Achievement Award Large Residential

1997    1st Place Small Renovation

1997    Achievment Award Small Residential

1997    Achievment Award Large Residential

1996    1st Place Small Residential

1996    1st Place Small Residential Creekside Inn

1996    Achievement Award Medium Residential

1995    1st Place Excelsior

1995    1st Place Small Residential

1995    Achievement Award Small Renovation

1995    Achievement Award Xeriscape

Statewide Awards

2011   CLCA Outstanding Achievement Award

2010   CLCA Best Residential Landscaping Project Under $150k

2010   1st Place Judge's Award for Best Residential Landscaping

2009   1st place medium residential

2008   1st place small residential

2007   1st Place custom residential

2006   Achievement Award large residential

2001   1st Place medium installation

1997   1st Place small renovation

1995   1st Place Creekside Inn