Dave Ralston, Associate Designer / Estimator


Dave provides support to the entire Samscaping team and its clients, assisting with site analysis, schematic designs, construction drawings, cost estimating, field & crew coordination, and office needs.  After earning a B.A. degree in Fine Arts from Santa Clara University, he spent many years in the video game industry, where among his most notable work was the creation of highly interactive "virtual" landscapes for dozens of popular games.  Much of this work involved extensive use of computer art software (2D and 3D), enabling Dave to develop a high level of proficiency with a variety of state-of-the-art graphic development tools. 

After fully realizing he'd be much happier and healthier applying his skills and creativity, along with his love of nature, to the design of "real" landscapes, Dave enrolled at Foothill College to study Landscape Design.  This, in turn, has led to him joining the Samscaping team.  Working here provides Dave with what he considers to be the perfect opportunity, to learn from some of the most talented and accomplished industry veterans what it takes to create stunning landscapes that meet every unique need of each individual client.

Dave’s a lifetime Californian, having grown up in the L.A. area before attending Santa Clara.  As a student he fell in love with the Bay Area, and has called it home ever since.  He currently lives with his wife and 2 kids in Cupertino.